I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation, so that you have an opportunity to get acquainted with me, ask questions, learn more about therapy, and decide if you think that you and I are an appropriate match. Finding the right counselor is a very important factor determining if therapy will be successful. This consultation allows you to get a sense of how you and I will fit together, without any financial obligation or paperwork to fill out. If at the end of the consultation you do not feel like I am the right therapist for you, I am happy to help you with a referral. If I can be of assistance in answering any other questions you may have about therapy in general or about me specifically please contact me at 605-610-9228.

**It is important to understand that the free 20 minute consultation will not be a therapy session. Therefore you are encouraged to not disclose any personal or identifying information unless or until you wish to schedule your first therapy session. Although you can give me a sense of your goals for therapy and presenting concerns, it is not appropriate to delve into the issues until an official therapeutic relationship has been initiated.

*In case of emergency call 911.