Seeking Grief Counseling when Anticipating or Experiencing the Loss of a Pet

The grief resulting from the death of a pet is real and valid. Therapy can help one express and sort out the various feelings associated with grief....

Tags: cat , counseling , counselor , dog , greif , loss , pet , therapist , therapy

Published: 08/04/2019 By: Rita

The Rewards of Being a Therapist

I am not sure where the profession of counselor/therapist would rank on a list of rewarding jobs compared to others; I can only speak from my own experience in regards to the aspects I like the best about my career. I thought I would let you in on a few of them. Getting to share a client's progress...

Tags: changes , counselor , experience , job , stress , therapist , therapy , trust , unhealthy

Published: 10/21/2017 By: Rita

Entering Counseling with Realistic Expectations of the Therapist and the Process: Six Things to Consider

Therapy can be helpful to many, but the unknowns about how it works can contribute to some hesitation in getting started. Here I provide an idea of what a client can expect from the experience. 1. Therapists do not possess a magic wand with which we can undo all the bad in someone's life. As much a...

Tags: approach , changes , comfort , counseling , counselor , expect , fit , personality , process , relationship , therapist , therapy

Published: 10/07/2017 By: Rita

One Challenge of being a Therapist in Small Town USA

At Issue: Whether or Not to Disclose When There Is an Indirect Connection to a Potential or Current Client Therapists and counselors have ethics which guide them in setting healthy boundaries with clients in regards to associating outside of session and avoiding dual relationships. But what if the ...

Tags: boundaries , client , confidentiality , counselor , ethics , informed consent , relationship , social , social media , therapist , trust

Published: 09/23/2017 By: Rita

My Dos and Don'ts as a Therapist, Part II (The Don'ts)

I continue this week with the last of a two-part blog on how I approach therapy as a licensed professional counselor. Last week's blog article focused on the aspects I attempt to include in a client's therapeutic experience with myself. Next I share what I try to avoid (the don'ts). Don't. I don't ...

Tags: approach , counseling , counselor , couples , ethics , professional , techniques , therapist , therapy

Published: 09/09/2017 By: Rita

My Dos and Don'ts as a Therapist, Part I (The Dos)

This week I thought I would start giving my blog readers some insight into how I do things as a therapist. Being in this profession, all therapists have ethics that hopefully we all adhere to. Beyond that, I would imagine most therapists do conduct their assessment and therapy sessions in a pretty ...

Tags: behavior , communication , counseling , couples , ethics , process , techniques , therapist , therapy

Published: 08/26/2017 By: Rita

Exciting Changes at Sioux Falls Wellness Counseling

It has been quite a year of professional growth resulting in more services provided by me at Sioux Falls Wellness Counseling. By obtaining my LPC-MH, I have been able to become an in-network provider for Medicaid and DakotaCare. I intend to soon offer telemental health services (on-line videoconfer...

Published: 07/16/2017 By: Rita


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